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Prime health 5d (India) Pvt Ltd is a Bangalore based Health care company. We few like minded individuals working in the Health care domain for decades, initiated the company in 2011 .

About us

We have our registered office located in Bangalore’s prime location, #6-B, Kote NCMR building, Doddanekundi.

Our vast experience has helped us identify food & Herbal supplements which can be better alternatives to the present available medicines in the Market. Food & Herbal supplements can be a better option due to its result oriented performance and with no negative side effects.

We are pioneers in manufacturing & supplying the best Food & Herbal supplements. Our large network of Franchisees helps us to be easily accessible to a large part of society. We are working with a concern to make an individual who lives in a remote area also get the benefits of Food & Herbal Supplements.

Now recently have associated with Dr Matthias Rath’s Dr Rath Health Foundation, U.S.A to promote his medicines for Cardio-vascular diseases, Cancer & Supplements in India.

We are the authorized Distributors in India for the above said medicines.

We are the Privileged publisher of Dr Matthias rath’s books in India, Why Animals Don’t get Heart Attacks …But People Do!, Victory Over Cancer-Making the unthinkable Possible, Victory Over Cancer- Understanding History Building the Future.

We are the associates selected from India by Dr Rath Health Foundation.

We The Prime Health 5D team believe in the following two quotes, "Health is wealth" & "Prevention is better than cure".

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